Should luxury always be expensive?  We think not.

So, what if we showed you simple but unique ways to elevate the ambience of your apartment/home to look more plush? 

Here are 5 budget-friendly hacks you can incorporate to spruce up the quality and feel of your apartment or house. 

1. Incorporate Greenery/Flowers

Indoor plants are essential beyond just aesthetics. According to the Sill, decorating with plants has been shown to boost moods, increase creativity, reduce stress, and eliminate air pollutants - making for a healthier, happier home. It is possibly one of the most minimalist and least expensive ways to introduce an element of freshness into your home. Decoist recommends that incorporating a captivating wall as a more sophisticated option if small or large indoor plants are too simple. 

With plants and art pieces you can create a statement walk in your home.

2. Good Lighting Fixtures Makes Brighter Spaces

The depth and height of your space can change the dimension and look of your home. Whether you are looking for a warm and bright mood or a cozy and subdued one, an expert use of a combination of lights can  transform your space into any theme/mood you desire. 

An example of how downlights and hidden lights have been used in the bathroom to provide moderate amounts of light during night time and a stylish addition to the bathroom.


In this bedroom, four different lighting types have been used; feature  lights, hidden lights,wall lights and downlights.

In  this kitchen, spotlights have been used in addition to other lighting styles. The purpose for the spotlight in the kitchen is to highlight and enhance the style of the kitchen and soften the space.

Example of a feature light being used in this dining area. The main purpose is to elevate the style of the room and accentuate a desired mood.

3. Create A Stylish Bedding 

When you think of bedding, do you think of cozy, comfortable & fluffy? One of the most important elements of a bedroom is the state of the bed. It can either look inviting or aggravate the feeling of stress and tiredness. To achieve the former, invest in large comfortable pillows and some throw pillows for style. Monotone colored bed sheets and pillowcases are best to achieve a look of opulence and stylishness. The choice of material for these is totally subjective, but we recommend using nice silky, smooth fabrics to protect your hair from frizz and to realize a more polished and lush finish. 

Remember, your choice of sheet and duvet are important to bring together the look and mood of your room. So choose colors that complement the colors of your walls, wardrobe and other essential elements in your space. 

Extra tip : When you are purchasing a bedside table or nightstand, always get them in large. A large size bedside table helps to scale the room better to create a more intimate and comfortable setting.

4. Replace Mirrors 

Mirrors are a great addition to any room. But a poor choice of mirror could be unfavourable to your space. Using large mirrors usually creates the illusion of a big living space. 

Different shapes of mirrors used to create different aesthetics; Convex mirror, Concave mirror and Flat mirror.

5. Add Accents/ Metal Rails

“A metallic desk clock, pedestal table, or decorative accent can instantly add wattage to a room and up your fancy quotient,” Hoffmann says.

“Adding a little bit of glitz and glam can really add wow factor,” Thornton adds. In her bag of tricks: high-gloss paint, metallic wallpaper, and light fixtures with metal finishes.