Owning a home is certainly a common aspiration for everyone. The challenge however is deciding whether to buy a ready house, to build one or to rent. Either of these choices come with pros and cons and often, the final decision heavily relies on one’s financial capacity. But let’s consider all the several other factors one should consider in coming to a decision. 


Here are some questions to ask when considering renting vs. buying vs. building.


  1. What can I afford? You must consider the financial implications of all your options. Outrightly buying a house could slow down your ability to commit to other goals for a certain amount of time. On the other hand, if your rent expenses are sky-high and increase yearly, mortgaging makes better sense. It is noteworthy to mention that landlords in Ghana, in most cases, require a minimum of a year’s payment in advance. 

  2. What is more important to you? Convenience or stability

  3. Can you afford to be responsible for home repairs/maintenance?

  4. What are your financial, career and family goals?


Let’s discuss what the convenience levels could be for either options. 


In Ghana, building a home could potentially be one of the most tedious tasks you could undertake; from land acquisition, to getting the right contractor, ensuring the use of quality materials and arriving at your desired interior and exterior finish.


Prices of land have appreciated by a large percentage margin and so have the several litigation issues surrounding this asset. Aside from the extremely high rent prices, there are also the unwelcoming terms and agreements as well as living conditions under which most people have to make do with. It is apparent that very little percentage of the population can afford to put down the required large sum of money to build or purchase a house. But if you would like a hassle-free buying process with flexible payment terms with a trusted developer, you can trust Quao Realty.


We continue to do all the tedious work of land acquisition, building planning, building construction and in some cases interior design and furnishing. Our property management services also make available a qualified team to manage your property should you decide to rent it out. 


The value in doing business with us is the assurance that you leave a happy client. 

Currently under construction, Pristine Gardens, a gated community of 4-bedroom houses with Nanny’s Quarters. It is nestled in Community 14 Sakumono and adjacent to an 18 hole Golf Course. From the stunning views to 24/7 security and water supply, Pristine Gardens’ luxurious experience is just one of the many reasons why families and individuals are purchasing this property.

Other essential amenities include a swimming pool, standby generator, DSTV connection, High speed internet connection and a well-manicured garden.

YOU can own or rent a Pristine Gardens apartment today, starting from $275,000 whether you live in Ghana or abroad. 

If your choice of accommodation is purchasing a home, make that investment with a Quao Realty home.

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